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Wine Cave

March 25, 2010

This shot was done for Bacchus Wine Caves. This cave wasn’t filled with wine yet but a few barrels were in place. The people who own the cave make some nice wine. They had opened a bottle while we were shooting and I placed it in the shot.  I do quite a bit of shooting in caves and they are challenging but a great place to work!

© timm eubanks

Road to Windmill Farm

March 16, 2010

Another Highway 5 find.  The sky was big this day.  I had to stop and shoot this even though I was on a schedule to make it to San Francisco from San Diego for a shoot. Got the shot and arrived on time.

© timm eubanks

Hahn Family Wine SLH

March 13, 2010

Hahn SLH ( Santa Lucia Highlands)

© timm eubanks

Hwy 5 Plant at dusk

March 10, 2010

More of my Hwy 5 driving series. California Highway 5 has some hidden beauty.

© timm eubanks

Q wine

March 8, 2010

Tilt that camera. Sometimes it makes sense. Q Napa and Sonoma Wines. Beautiful label.

© timm eubanks


March 6, 2010

Classic photo of breakfast.

© timm eubanks

Occasio Zin

March 2, 2010

© timm eubanks

Antique clock / watch parts that reflect the label image.  Had fun with this one.  Check out this winery  Wines Crafted from Livermore Valley | Occasio Winery


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