Czech Trolley

This shot was taken back in 1990 when I was in Czechoslovakia. Crowded streets of Bratislava. I really need to dive into my archives because when I come across these types of images they motivate me for my new work. How about you? What motivates your creativity?

© timm eubanks

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6 Responses to “Czech Trolley”

  1. BawldGuy Says:

    Did you get an idea of how old that trolley car was?

    • timm Says:

      Not sure. It was a cool but gritty city. I loved it there. Just after this shot I found a new Corvette with California License plates sitting in a parking lot between East German clown cars. Was the poster shot for the definition of “Juxtaposed!”

  2. studiokblog Says:

    Really love this shot. It reminds me of an image given in creative writing classes to write a story about. Your work always inspires my creativity.

    • timm Says:

      Thanks Kathleen. I have always wondered who the person is and where they were going. I remember the moment I took this photo and my thoughts. Great to know I can inspire.

  3. Fundamental Jelly Says:

    Your work is a constant source of motivation. Nice again.

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