Auntie M’s Bourbon Carrots

My cousin threw an 80th Birthday Party for her mom, my Auntie M last week. She honored her not just with a great party but having her and a few guests prepare some of Auntie M’s original recipes. This shot is of the dish my Cousin prepared. OMG… Bourbon Carrots!

© timm eubanks


10 Responses to “Auntie M’s Bourbon Carrots”

  1. Robert X. Jones Says:

    Looks pretty damn professional to me, and they do smell good. Nice shot T.

  2. spilledinkguy Says:

    NOOOooooo (I’m hungry already)!
    Other than that though, very cool.

  3. Tom Eubanks Says:

    Oh, my. And I just sent her a card. If I’d known about the bourbon carrots, I might have cancelled everything else to be there. Oh, and to see Auntie M. Great shot, too. I can smell them from here.

  4. BawldGuy Says:

    They were as good as they look. Had seconds.

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