5 thoughts on “Whisky Photo

  1. Actually, Costco Kirkland spirits and wines are excellent. Costco is very picky about who they have blend their wines and spirits. They are the kings of quality for a great price. Now that I have written their next ad… Five gallons of mayo gags me just to think of it! Nasty stuff.

  2. You are right on the money re CostCo Kirkland spirits and wines. I know that Grey Goose distills the Kirkland brand vodka. My dream job….being a taster for CostCo. As a food professional, I am unfortunately somewhat immune to the 5 gallons drum of mayo, but as a home cook, the thought of eating that much mayo before it spoils makes me gag. If you age going to use mayo on anything or in a recipe, make it from scratch! Trust me on this…..

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