12 thoughts on “Vintage Train in Carlsbad Ca at Poinsettia Station

  1. I have a passionate love relationship with trains (and Alan – there is nothing Freudian OR Felixian here). When I was a kid there was an old train in the park across the street. It was fenced off, but we, being resourceful youngsters, always found a way in. We would play on it for hours. The caboose was still in great shape, we could climb into the coal car and slide down it’s sloped walls, and we played hide and seek in the passenger car.

    It’s all gone now, but I remember it fondly. I think I would still play on it if I could.

    All this to say – wow. It’s beautiful and sad and fills me with longing. Thank you.

    • BKT, I am glad to stir some nostalgia for you. I went down to the station by our house with my family thinking, “ok, I’ll bring a camera and take some pictures of the old train”. They were using the tracks the commuter train uses here to San Diego. The train was incredible! It was pulled by an old steam engine. When we got there I knew it was going to be something special, the crowd was huge. They stopped and filled with water from a fire engine. Then they backed the train up about half mile and full steam ahead so it would barrel through the station at full speed. It started with that chug and steam spewing, wheels spinning on the metal tracks. But by the time it came by us WOW it was hauling! When it came by, I was right on the side of the tracks as close as they would allow and they noise and pressure from the train made the hair stand up on my neck. You know that feeling when you see or experience something new and you have the realization why other people have a passion that you never understood? I immediately understood the love of trains. I will post the shot of the train coming at full speed. I just wish it had sound. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Excellent! Can’t wait to see the other shot. You describe the experience well. I’ve even hopped trains, so I sort of know that rush of being right there. Beautiful site – I’ll definitely return.

  2. Rummaging! They’ve said it all. You’ve said it all. A fondness for trains we cannot totally completely explain. We just know it is. And once upon a time, just a half block down from where I lived, Uncle and I stood beside the tracks when one of those thunderous beasts came striding past.

    Thank you so much for sharing your photography!

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