11 thoughts on “More Trains… 1927 Steam Locomotive

  1. I am actually getting kind of teary about this. I don’t know if I can adequately express my love for trains, but this just blows me away. I want to touch it. I know I sound like I’m gushing, but I love this photo.
    It’s very out of character for me to be so effusive. Sorry I’m effusing all over your post.

  2. BKT “Effuse” away! Glad it moves you. I learn a new word every time you comment here or when I read your blog. Dennis Miller would be proud! “Effusive” putting that one away for future use. Thanks.

  3. I’m speechless in a good way…almost reverent! This photograph evokes a lot of emotion and touches all the senses! I felt compelled to step onto this scene! Really beautiful Timm…

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