8 thoughts on “Jewelry with model

  1. No, but we had a manicurist on the spot! I would have loved to have had a hand model for this image but most of the shots were actually of her neckline for necklaces. This shot was just a way to show a bracelet without hanging it on the wrist. I just asked her to pray! Thanks FJ.

    • That would be a big NO. That’s only in the movies. Most days in my studio consist of moving a product, lights, bounce cards by millimeters for hours to get the shot. When a model rarely is on set, he or she just becomes part of that process. No loud music, fans blowing and saying, BABE. Come to think of it though, I did meet my beautiful wife of 20 years on the set. Interesting…

  2. Amazing photography Timm! I’m very interested in it myself. I’m going to try to get one photo blog up a week, given my current location. I’ll keep checking in for advice and inspiration!

  3. Your pics are extraordinary, I’m going to give up the packet soup gig and try and move on to bigger and better things.

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