Over the In-N-Out Burger

© timm eubanks

© timm eubanks

More Hwy 5 travels.  This time not for work but to go to the VW Classic,  vintage Volkswagen car show, at Irvine Meadows.  For those of you who don’t know, I have an obsession for vintage VW’s.   After the show, my son and I stopped for an In-N-Out Burger (another one of my obsessions) and sat on the car bumper and ate. I looked up and this is the image. I love being out in nature but can also see the beauty in a Freeway overpass.

8 thoughts on “Over the In-N-Out Burger

  1. I’m totally confused by the exchange with you and FJ….but that’s nothing new. Did our Mom’s give you guys your very own language or something? Where was I? I didn’t even receive a courtesy copy of the “change of language” order from Evie and she really liked handing out orders….orders like “Your grounded”! I digress, so what I’m seeing in this photo are some very nice vanishing points! I like your Style Timm, with two M’s. Whose idea was that anyway, I bet it was Evie….I knew it. She’s a woman who keep you on your toes!

  2. You moved from Ca before the In-N-Out burger craze. They only have burgers and fries but you can add things to them. The additions aren’t on the menu, you just have to know them. Animal style, protein style, quad, etc. It’s like a secret hand shake. You fly, I’ll buy!

  3. The two mms are a Charthouse thang.
    There were too many Tims and instead of calling this one TimE, which sounds too much like Timmy, which we all call him but did not appeal to Timm when considering how he wanted his co-workers to address him, Timm added the extra “m” on his first name on the schedule and it stuck.
    Fascinating, eh? But, it makes him feel special.
    Hi Icky.

    • Let me clarify the 2 “m”s thing. Close CD but the rest of the story… It wasn’t me that changed it to 2 at the Chart House, it was a manager by the name of Billy Greta. When my first check came the bookkeeper had put the 2 Ms on my check. So when I went to the bank and opened my first account they said the check didn’t match my name, so I just signed everything at the bank with Timm, double M and that satisfied the bureaucrats. I had that account for years and slowly all of my business dealings had that second M. Also the Chart House never dropped that M so it all worked. I know I could have made up a better story but that is it. That was 35 years ago.

  4. Wow, where was I during all this? I knew that the Salmonella had an effect on my body, but didn’t consider my brain. Yes….Timmmmmmmmm, its really fascinating! Love Icky, Vickster, Vicki, and now blogger paintbynumbers!

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