8 thoughts on “Almost Harvest

  1. Other than the deliciously ripe looking grapes….I really like how the string holding the grapes is a fading vanishing point…really nice perspective !

    Have you ever been tempted to pluck a few off and eat’m?
    I know they don’t taste like the grapes in our grocery store , but dang…it looks tempting!

    • They actually taste good. Not like table grapes but delicious. I do eat them once in a while but only if the vineyard owner or winemaker are there and give me the ok. I have learned to treat the vineyards with lots of respect and the winery owners know me and my crew as pros. These grapes in the photo aren’t quite ripe but I love them at this stage for photos. As for the wire / trellis, That is my favorite part of the photo. Good eye Vic!

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