8 thoughts on “Occasio Merlot

  1. ahhhhaaaa! Time in a bottle, Wine in a bottle….. Tell me about this Merlot?
    I love the logo!
    Your photo makes me want to sit in a library with full of men smoking cigars. I love your choice of deep mauve and putty colors in the foreground…very earthy yet sophisticated! You left nothing to chance….even the sand in the hour glass is wine color. I love this Timm!

    • We needed an hour glass for the shot and I went prop shopping. I walked in an antique store in Solana Beach and there it was. With burgundy sand and exactly the right height in relation to a wine bottle. Livin’ good!
      Thanks for your comments.

  2. I had heard something of this wine and remembered thinking I wanted to give it a try… Too bad they don’t ship to Colorado! Love the label though… Similar to detailed metal engraving on very expensive shotguns… lol…

    Come on Timm, hook me up with a bottle!

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