Pinot delivered to the crushpad

Picked, lugged, and forklifted onto the crush pad.  These Pinot grapes are from the Russian River Valley. The vineyard is across the road from the crush facility so they arrive quickly on tractors. Shooting during harvest reminds me of when I used to shoot auto racing, fast furious and you have to stay out of the way or get run over!  The only difference is at the track they put a wrist band on you

© timm eubanks

© timm eubanks

with your blood type, just in case.

20 thoughts on “Pinot delivered to the crushpad

  1. Do any of the wineries use of human workers to hand pick grapes or is it mostly machines. My romantic vision of “harvest time” is many worker-hands feverishly picking only the best and healthy bunches. The gentle handling of the grapes is what gives it the friendly taste. Is this just a dream?

    • You are not dreaming. There are some machine picked but it is rare. Hand picked is the norm but most of the gentle handling is during the pruning. By the time Harvest comes the workers just feverishly cut the bunches that are on the vines. If you go back a few days ago, I have a post called “Wine Harvest Workers” that shows the picking of the grapes. In the next few days you will see images of the hands that separate the grapes. Good question. Sean, any wineries in your part of Australia?

  2. Wow that’s nice to know. Some love and tenderness goes into each bottle. I’m not sure about the DNA is that for the full bodied red.?

    Yes Timm, just two-hours north of Sydney, it’s known as the Hunter Valley and they say it has over 120 vineyards although I have never been able to drink my way through more than a dozen of them.

    It is a very popular tourism destination. I go there every few years for weekend drive. (this is a link to the tourism site)

    PS they have a great photo library for ideas

  3. Ah the good ‘ol wristbands… I like the little blue ones that say all access during music festivals or concerts… Those are always fun… Last year I ate the band’s food…

    • All access is good! Mine were with the blood type, just in case you got a little to close to the cars. I had few close ones but never had to have my wristband read. Wine bottles are much safer! Thanks Zach.

  4. You do lovely photography, certainly. But found myself lingering on this one here. Just one selective attentive focus, the few from the many. Nice.

    Reminded me of this Japanese garden I read about. Sitting high on a hill overlooking the sea port below. It had the undisputed “best” view in the entire town. However by their sense of sensual modesty, the only place in which you could see through the surrounding hedges, the only one – was from where you bend down to reach and wash your hands from a garden fountain bowl. Only from that one posture was the view yours to see.

    As here, in yours, the richness of harvest revealed. Nice.

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