We interrupt this Harvest to bring you some racing!

In my last post I mentioned the wrist band that had to be worn when shooting racing.  It brought back memories of going to shoot at Riverside Raceway, Sears Point (now Infineon), Las Vegas and many days spent in the desert for off road racing photos.  I went through some of the old shots from the 80’s when I was shooting this type of photography for magazines. I then came across this one that I shot just for fun at the 2008 Long Beach Grand Prix.  The shot is of Indy Car driven by Oriol Servia screaming down the streets of Long Beach. Way different than photographing wine!

© timm eubanks

© timm eubanks

10 thoughts on “We interrupt this Harvest to bring you some racing!

  1. I was wondering when you were gonna post some CARS!!! Timmy likes CARS!!!!!!!! Especially fast CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a hard time seeing CARS like this driving in Long Beach of all places!

    Awesome Timmmmmmmmmmm. I really like the orange color on the CAR!!!!!!

    OK…love you bye!

  2. Oxymoron is right Timm! The beauty of VW bugs is they characteristically have their own rhythm….kind of like Bobby! LOL

    Hug the fam for me kiddo!

    • I thought you might be way more interested in this than grapes. Maybe a blue Camaro with flared fenders will show up on here. Thanks for stopping by.

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