7 thoughts on “Apple blossoms at sunset

  1. You’re killin me Timm…. This is absolutely gorgeous !!!! What can I do to get a print of that for my house! Seriously , it has carried me away to another place. I do love the fall so very much. I love all the colors , the tastes and smell of the coming season!

    Today I woke up to weather in the 40’s. I stepped outside and could literally smell fall in the air…..it was awesome!

    I love photos taken with a Hasselblad. Zachary has one, I think I might steal it from him….hehe!

    Love you and your photos!

  2. Thanks! Let’s talk if you want a print.

    I am summer guy. I guess it makes sense that I live in San Diego. Fall has no meaning. I love warm ocean and we only have a few weeks of that left.
    But as you know I travel a lot to wineries so I get my seasons but then get back to “land of the same temperature.”

    I am in the process of buying a digital back for my old Hasselblad, should be fun and will give my 4×5 digital system a rest. Hard to take the 4×5 on location. You should definitely “borrow” that Camera from Zach.

    thanks for all of your comments

    • Yes, filters are cool. I have my favorite “brown” one. It isn’t sepia but close to it and it makes blacks real black and everything else a slight brown tint. The shot of the Tree had that filter over the lens and the film was Fuji Velvia. Loved all that stuff!

  3. I am drooling here. More drool.
    Love the fiery color, want to bask in that slanting sun.
    Teach me about filters, Oh! creative one.
    (As long I don’t have to post process- I am willing to do anything. Go any lengths to experiment. Hate PP. Ouch, strong emotions after the drool)

    • I am with you, I am not a post pro lover. I try to shoot a finished product. With my commercial work, that isn’t always possible but I have an incredible digital supervisor in my studio and she quietly makes me look good. I figured out years ago that I couldn’t be shooting all day and doing post all night. I still have total control of what goes out the door but I shoot, she retouches.
      Filters: I don’t use many filters these days but I love the yellow for shooting with black and white of caucasian skin tones and this tobacco (brown) for scenery. It makes a surreal view of most landscapes. Polarizer filters are great for big color and keeping those clouds in the sky. I think everyone has their favorites and the only way to know is to play. Filters are cheap used on ebay because hardly anyone uses them anymore.
      Thanks for the comments and questions! T

  4. Fabulous. I know I can get info in books and ITunes videos and the like, but I prefer asking a real person! Thanks for taking the time Timm.
    I agree with you, you can’t do without post process in the commercial world, it’s like an editor working an original text…they don’t just tinker with grammar but sometimes with expression too. And if all goes well, the result is a better honing of expression, not a transformation. Ah..it’s a process. Lucky you, you have a supervisor doing that for you and who you trust:)

    Thanks for dropping by my space Timm, for opening up a way for me to get to this lovely space.
    Happy Sunday!:)

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