These grapes are not for the birds

Days away from harvest in this vineyard and netting is over the vines to keep as much of the fruit from being eaten by the birds.  I think the netting has a beautiful look draped over the rows but it is also necessary.

© timm eubanks

© timm eubanks

9 thoughts on “These grapes are not for the birds

  1. Huh! I don’t ever remember seeing the nets before and I’ve seen a lot of grape vines. You’re right the nets add a different dimension. What kind of birds eat grapes? Crows perhaps?

    • Hi Vicki, They use many methods to keep the birds away in the last days before harvest. Simulated gun shots that go off in intervals, Fake owls, netting, metallic tape that blows and moves in the wind. Depends on where the vineyard is located to what type of birds steal the grapes.

  2. Gosh, you never give it a thought to what others have to do to bring us such wonderful things like wine! Well there you go…I learned some thing new today! Thanks Timm! Hugs

  3. These grapes are for me;p
    Off to SF for next weekend. Will live for a day. Amongst the flute-y vines.
    Any must-live-for-a-day-in-this-vineyard suggestions from the temperate zone resident?:D

    • Are you going North to Wine Country (Sonoma / Napa) as well? If so, you are hitting the BEST time of year. Lower sunlight, great weather, harvest time. You can smell the crush. Good stuff! Don’t wait until sunset to shoot, these are valleys and the sun goes earlier than expected. Enjoy!

  4. Oh perfect, perfect! I will be in SF for 3 days, and I intend to devote one day in Napa/Sonoma…to at least get a taste of ripe crush valleys:) Not enough time, I know, but for starters, it should rev up a good appetite:)

    • Enjoy! If you go to Sonoma County check out the area “Valley of the Moon” or “Alexander Valley”. Fun not fancy, place to eat is the Schelville Grill. Matt the owner is an old friend.

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