VWs and photography

© timm eubanks

© timm eubanks

Photography is my job so I am not sure if you could call it a hobby. It is a passion of mine and that is what makes my job a pleasure. My hobby and another passion of mine are Vintage Volkswagens. Buses, Bugs, Things, doesn’t matter which as long as they have an air cooled engine.  I have been slowly putting together a new engine on an engine stand for my 1962 Ragtop Bug. It is done and ready to install. So yesterday, before I put it in the car, I photographed it on the stand. Most  people probably don’t have a photo of their engine out of the car. I do. Photographer meets VW aficionado!

12 thoughts on “VWs and photography

  1. An engine or a print if it??!!
    FJ, I am following your lead. My New MacBook Pro laptop hard drive crashed yesterday. They are putting a new Hard drive in but that means everything in it is gone. I now remember why I do double back up at the end of the shoot day. We had shot for 2 days straight but no images were lost from that shoot, Whew!
    How’s your Computer going?

  2. What a beaut of a shot, and I can appreciate how much work went into this engine. It is also the cleanest it will ever be!

    When I gaze at this picture, I start to see a Buddha-like pose, and then it starts to remind me of Kali…perhaps a reminder of the respect, humility and patience that one must approach the VW with (those of you who have ever had a VW pickup/bus will know what I mean), or – can it be – that the VW engine is such a marvelous feat of design that it is a reflection of the divine nature in the universe? (I may have read “How to Keep Your VW Alive: A Manual of Step-by-Step Procedures for the Compleat Idiot” too many times.)

    Thanks, MH

    • Beautifully put. The VW engine is an engineering piece of art. My John Muir ( How to keep your VW alive) book is so greasy and I use it to this day. I think I bought it in 1979.
      Thanks Moira for your comments.

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