Splish splash. Pour shots are fun!

© timm eubanks

© timm eubanks

The designer for this shot is always fun to work with. Buffie at Design Orbit. This shot was poured, cleaned up, poured again, again and again.  Studio floor was sticky for weeks.  I have used kid pools under these shots but this day I only used a small pan.  Note to self…

5 thoughts on “Splish splash. Pour shots are fun!

  1. Can’t you make an epoxy model to look like the chocolate splash so you can make it look exactly like you want and you do not have to keep cleaning or redoing?

    • CD. I have done it that way in the past but love making a mess! I believe it is truth in advertising if it is the actual product. When you try different pours, bump the glass, throw things in the liquid, you get looks that might be better than what you would have built with a static model. Also, unlike the days of film, we have the advantage of taking the best part of a few splashes to create one. I love and hate Photoshop. Thanks for you input.

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