Hunters Grove Chardonnay

If you haven’t noticed, I shoot a lot of wine bottles for wineries.  It is my specialty.  I can shoot other stuff  like other products, people and buildings but this is my main market.  I enjoy working with wineries, they are business people, artists, scientists, farmers.  Some are eccentric artists, some are big corporations, some are retired people who have had a passion for wine and are now living their dream, some are land owners who love growing a crop and it happens to be grapes.  The wine industry has a lot of interesting people.

© timm eubanks

© timm eubanks

3 thoughts on “Hunters Grove Chardonnay

  1. Oh Wow…I really like this one Timm! I like the moss spread around the bottle. Nice earthy touch ! The branches reflecting inside the bottle look amazing!

    • Thank you Vicki. The art director, Irene, lets me have fun. WE usually don’t want “stuff” showing through the white wine but I believe this one works with the branches showing through. I am glad someone like you agrees.

  2. Thanks Timm! Yes, the branches make this photo so diverse, that’s what I like about!
    Have you gone to my blog yet to check out the orange VW….its for you Timm!
    Hey and Happy Birthday to your girly today!


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