Four Wine in a tube

This wine is a very good Cabernet.  It is packaged in a tube. Yes, a tube. It is an innovative idea and the packaging is very environmentally responsible. Great for restaurants but I have one in my home.  It holds 24 glasses so make sure you have friends over! I shot this in a restaurant in Santa Rosa, CA.

Four_Beauty_Bar_2 copy

© timm eubanks



6 thoughts on “Four Wine in a tube

  1. So the packaging doesn’t change the taste? What is the lining on the inside of the tube? Interesting , this is all new to me!

  2. No. The lining is a plastic. A safe plastic. Keeps the wine “fresh”. The winery explained the science and it was tested approved as very safe. As scotty almost said, “I am a photographer Jim,not a scientist!”

  3. Wow, I haven’t heard anyone say “boda bag” in a very, very long time! Guess I need to go home again! And the Capri-Sun idea might catch on ….I can visualize ti! Funny stuff you guys!

  4. I haven’t heard the “Boda Bag” words forever either. I just remember that being hip thing for people to carry when skiing, years ago. That was back when people slid on snow with TWO boards on their feet!

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