Posing Dolphin

For the next few days, I am going to show old images that don’t relate to wine. FJ, I am breaking the pattern! This image was shot over 25 years ago at Marine World in Palos Verdes, California. It was just before they closed the park. I was wandering around shooting after hours and this Dolphin kept posing.

© timm eubanks

10 thoughts on “Posing Dolphin

    • It was so long ago. I know it would have been a Nikon F3 but I don’t have any more details than that. It was shot on Good old Kodachrome. I did clean it up and blurred the edges in Photoshop. I am finding old images that I like and adding what i always wished the image had pre Photoshop. Thanks for asking.

    • Amazing to think that Marineworld in Palos Verdes is gone. What a great location for a “theme” park. I used to ride my stingray bike there as a kid and just wander around and look at the animals. Crazy. This photo brings back some cool memories.

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