Pool in VIneyard. Napa Valley

I love this setting.  The owners of this property have the best of all worlds.  Vineyards, pool, in the Napa Valley. I also spied a vintage VW in the barn. My kind of people. They are very nice , down to earth people and seem to know how to live. We were lucky enough to use this location for a portrait and this is the test shot before putting the person in the shot.

© timm eubanks

9 thoughts on “Pool in VIneyard. Napa Valley

  1. Just stopped by to see what you’ve been posting lately. As I look at all these photos, I’m struck by how much there is to see if you simply take the time to look, and how beautiful the world is…no, I didn’t smoke my dinner…just appreciating your views of our world.

  2. Oh, (senior moment), I remember why I chose to post on this photo – it reminds me of Vichy Hot Springs outside of Hopland – I’d love to see what you’d take of that spot, and the highway over to Lake County – one of the last views of pristine California left. If you and the wife go to Vichy, go outside of hunting season – that way you can enjoy the champagne-like hot bubbles without hearing gun fire! A bit more relaxing that way…Spring is nice.

    • Thanks Moira for stopping by. Glad you like appreciate my view of the world. I have not been to Vichy Springs even though many of our friends have suggested it as a great place to enjoy. Good tip on skipping the hunting season. Now that we are in Southern CA it is less likely that we will go there. We love getting out of town here in San Diego and enjoying the beautiful desert just east of here. Anza Borrego desert is a great place to get away. My senior moment… Didn’t we talk about some head shots??

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