Salmon Appetizer

It is the time of year that my wife and I are always looking for a fun appetizer that we can test on our friends. I love appetizers with good flavor but the presentation is just as important to me (it’s a curse).  This appetizer was shot in the studio and I was working with my favorite, talented food stylist, Joanna. She is awesome at making food look beautiful, even if it is a simple dish. Happy Holidays and have fun being creative!

© timm eubanks

6 thoughts on “Salmon Appetizer

  1. Oh Wow! Is that salmon wrapped around something? Oh and by the way presentation is everything….its your gift…not a curse!!! 🙂

    I’m like you I love interesting appetizers and they need to look good!!!

    Happy New Year my darling Timm! Please hug Beautiful Beth for me!!!


  2. OK! I feel dumb…I just now noticed the title Salmon Appetizer!!! I’m so visual I looked at the photo first…..ahhhhhh the curse of being an artist!!!

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