01 01 10 not computer code

Went to Swamis Beach New Years Day with my son. We love hitting low tide and exploring the tide pools. My son can see what most walk right over. He will pick up anything living and study it and then carefully place it where he found it. The tide pools are his science lab. The bonus on this first day of 2010 was this incredible sunset.  Great way to start the New Year!

© timm eubanks

13 thoughts on “01 01 10 not computer code

  1. Wow that’s just exceptional …. the red-violet and blue-violet in the pools is a remarkable coming together of warm and cool colours…and the lighter sky colours seem to recede over the waves…….even looks like the beginning of a new year….I’m a Pisces and I think I came out of a tide pool

  2. Thanks for sharing your 2010 adventure! I love tide pools myself! Did a lot of exploring years ago when I took an Oceanography class !
    Oh and the sunset is fantastic!!! Hug your lil man for me, I know he’s growing up so fast! He’s such a lil genius!!!

    • Thanks Vicki. It was just one of those perfect days. Come on out and we will explore the tide pools here. I also love that it was Jan 1st and we are in shorts and flip flops (“go aheads” as we called them). I guess that is why I live here! Tell your photographer son to come too and we can do some camera geek stuff.

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