Mayor of Redondo Beach

Mike Gin is the mayor of Redondo Beach. I did a photo shoot of him last year. Nicest guy to work with.  Here are a couple of my favorites from the shoot. One at the beach and one in the City Council Chambers. He seems comfortable in both!

© timm eubanks

6 thoughts on “Mayor of Redondo Beach

  1. Mr. Jelly stole my comment. But here’s another possibility: if you ever move from that sissy wine to some real drinking, you got the image. In the one on the beach, I like how the blue in the shirt matches the blurred haze in the background. Did you have a conversation with the Man Upstairs before shooting it?

  2. Yes, God is my assistant. I have been shooting more shots backlit, shooting right into the sun and bouncing light into the subject. Was taught to never do that. Rebelling!
    Mayor Gin does have a great name. It’s kind of intoxicating…
    Thanks Tom for the comments.

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