Hwy 5 Bottom of the Grapevine

I was supposed to be driving the 5 today but weather has closed the “grapevine” in Southern California.  This shot is from last year about this time. I made it through just before they closed it for snow. SO I thought it was appropriate for today’s blog post. I stopped to eat a quick meal, stepped out of the restaurant and saw the image you see here.  This is at the base of the Grapevine Pass.  What are they putting in that dumpster in the middle of a field?

© timm eubanks

12 thoughts on “Hwy 5 Bottom of the Grapevine

  1. You are an artist Timm. You can make a dumpster look cool and mysterious (How did you get the bird where you needed it?). I think we may need to turn Lucy into an ark. It’s crazy rain up here.

    • Thank you Kathleen. The dumpster just looked so out of place but I liked the way it was framed by the telephone poles. The bird was circling and I knew where I wanted it and just waited.
      San Diego has been wild as well. Last night we had major lightning and hail. Stay high and dry!

  2. I think they are putting grapes in the Dumpster. No. Vines.

    (Note that Dumpster is a capitalized word, because it is a brand like Kleenex.)

    Great shot. What makes it is the cloud cover for me.

  3. Good information on capitalizing Dumpster. That’s where those dang “grapevines” went! I always wondered.
    I like the cloud cover as well. You wouldn’t see the bird against the hills if the clouds were not there. It is actually snowing heavily during this shot.
    Thanks Tom.

    • Yes, your Bro FJ is the master of that. I was talking to my wife about your design sense. The conversation ended with that we should have you out and help us with our house. I love your mixing of fabrics and colors that we’re told won’t go together. You have out animal print with stuff that never should work, but does! It runs in your family.

  4. Thank you Timm! I’d love to “help” you guys with your house! Its only my favorite thing to do….but the best part would be seeing my favorite people!!!

    Lets plan!!!

    Love you!

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