Arizona Rest Stop

Hwy 8 cruises along the border of USA and Mexico.  This is a rest stop in AZ on Hwy 8.  This is a route I take from here in San Diego when visiting or working in Phoenix area. Always a “beautiful light” drive.  I could stop every few minutes to shoot but would never make my destination. This kind of photography balances me from shooting products in the studio.

© timm eubanks

10 thoughts on “Arizona Rest Stop

  1. No doubt I’ve ‘rested’ their a few times myself on the same trip to Phoenix. The light, as you say, is sometimes spectacular. Don’t miss the drive though. The photo shows how a real pro takes mundane settings and makes them special.

    • I hear they have killer biscuits and gravy but I can only do that about once a year! Maybe next time through I will shoot the building and have the B&G. DONE!

  2. I think the composition of that photo is awesome Timm- just the one to hang on the wall in the studio.
    Sandra (Sean’s sister)

    • Thank you Sean. I am bad at never printing any of my work. I think it is the downfall of being a commercial photographer. You shoot, get approval, bill and on to the next job. I need to slow down and print some work. Thanks for the words!

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