New Vines

I love the graphic look of a newly planted vineyard. The “milk cartons” to protect the delicate little plants that will one day produce big wines!  This is Kunde Family Estate. Beautiful property and check out the rich soil.  It takes a lot of hard work to produce great wines as this image shows.

© timm eubanks

6 thoughts on “New Vines

  1. Hi Timm-

    You know I love this shot! Laying out vineyards are tricky, especially on a sloping hillside. The big help is lasers and computer technology and a lot of man hours to make a hillside like this look perfect. The tremendous thing about a vineyard like this is that at whatever angle you are looking at it from, all of the rows appear just as in sync as they do from this shot.
    Marcia Kunde Mickelson
    Kunde Family Estate

    • Thanks Marcia! Great info. I noticed that when moving around the vineyard it is all lined up from all angles. Reminds me of those portrait paintings where the eyes follow you as you move past the art. Thanks again and glad you like the shot.
      There you have it Fundamental Jelly, the answer.

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