Flourish Wine shoot

© timm eubanks

Big Color in this shot. The label of Flourish Wine needed something “organic” to tell the story. The flowers in the background are mustard, fresh from the vineyard.  The table top is a door recycled from an old barn.

10 thoughts on “Flourish Wine shoot

    • Thanks FJ. It is a nice label. The woman who designed the label is very talented and knows her market. I am shooting more wine with her label design today.

    • Quite poetic Tom! You should write copy for the back label. Maybe real small type, but you should write it. (did I use that comma correctly?) You have me quite paranoid!

      • Technically, no comma was needed because it was a comparison. It doesn’t separate independent clauses. “Maybe real small type” does not have a verb to make it an independent clause. Class dismissed.

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