Behind the scenes wine photo shoot

With the client’s permission, I thought it would be fun to show today’s wine photo shoot set.  The set is for Frenchhouse wines. There are six bottles in the shot.  Once the image is managed and retouched, I will post the final product. You may notice that I was quite the fort builder when I was a child. Still at it!

© timm eubanks

11 thoughts on “Behind the scenes wine photo shoot

    • Ah, yes Kathleen. You have helped build many of these and know that you have to know where you are going and not worry about what it looks like in studio. The final image is the goal. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. “Okay, ladies, the four of us have to just stand here and look gorgeous.”
    “Isn’t it always the same? Hurry up and wait.”
    “Oh. My. God. Who are the two behind the glass?”
    “Understudies. So don’t move or the guy might replace you!”

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