Goats Trail Zinfandel Photo shoot

I love this packaging. The art director and myself decided that we needed to do the unusual, show the front and back label of this brand. The image of the goat wraps around the label. I think it is funny to see the whole image of the goat with the two bottles together. It reminds me of the scene where there is an elk head on the wall and you walk into the next room and the rest of the elk’s back end is coming through the wall.

Β© timm eubanks

9 thoughts on “Goats Trail Zinfandel Photo shoot

  1. Love the goats and the juxtaposition. Very COOOOOOOOOOL! You are so darn talented. Saw Bobby earlier this week up in Folsom. Later.

    • That is sooo funny. So glad you didn’t use that second “T” and then not catch your slip or I would have been over thinking your comment for way to long! Thanks for checking it out. The person who designed the label will be very happy to know your thoughts.

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