8 thoughts on “Q wine

  1. The label looks like a dialogue bubble. Here’s some things you could put in each one:

    1. Merlot says, “My plush bouquet will take you to a place you’ve never been!”

    2. Cabernet says, “Send your palette a wine-a-gram to remember!”

    3. Chardonnay says, “My fruity, smoky flavor will make you reconsider if you’ve ever tasted Chardonnay before!”

    • We had shot a straight line up shot and then noticed that the Q on the label would line up if we tilted the set / camera. A few attempts and some lighting changes and the image you see was captured. I usually have an idea of what we are going to shoot a few days before but after we capture the preconceived shot, I always play and stretch some other ideas. I find that we rarely use the original idea shot. It reminds me of cooking. Thanks BG!

  2. When I looked at this shot again, I noticed something I hadn’t the first time. You aligned the bottles at different levels, so that when you tilted the camera, it enhanced the Q on the label. If you hadn’t done any of that rising and tilting, the label would still look great, but you did one creative job of making that Q memorable for you client.

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