5 thoughts on “Hwy 5 Plant at dusk

  1. Xechitle Pwalesha landed his Earth orbiter in a freshly combed field. All three hearts were pounding in unison as he exited the craft and first stepped to his elbows in dirt so lush he could hear the nutrients asking to return to his planet with him: “Take us to your leader!”

    And then he saw the wonderful Earthling city before him in the distance. Earth Inhabitants must be tall, for they live in cylinders. And see how they travel. They must strap themselves to those extensions and be shot to their destination. Xechitle felt comfortable. It looked just like home.

  2. I really like this shot. All the space in the foreground made me really look at what I was seeing. The metallic things and angles pressed on the rolling shape of the mountains is a great contrast and inspired a brain movie. I always know it’s a good image when a story rises from it.

    • Good story line…
      I wish I would have shown this one larger. It has some great detail in the plant. I too love the space leading into the shot. Seems to be a movie shot. It has a “Road Warrior” feel to it.

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