My Commute

I travel to where the work needs to be done.  A lot of my time is spent in Napa and Sonoma shooting for wineries. I do drive sometimes but I am a very frequent flyer on Southwest Airlines.  Here is a glimpse of my commute on Wednesday night. My cameras being loaded, reflecting sunset as we taxi, the view in the air and “dinner.”

© timm eubanks

10 thoughts on “My Commute

  1. Thanks Tom. It is bad when the TSA officers say, “hi Timm” as you pass through security. I have it down to a science. Slip on shoes only, no belt, never have change in your pocket, check all luggage and pray, carry on only my laptop.

  2. Very cool Timm… I love sunsets. I hate airplanes, airports, lines, TSA assholes, airplane personnel . . . you know. the ones with the sticks in their hair. Loved that film. The Dublin airport was the worst in the world. Three solid hours in four different lines. I don’t think I’ll ever get on another plane. They all SUCK.

    Not you pics bro, just flyin’

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