Richmond San Rafael Bridge Sprint to Airport

I cross the San Francisco Bay over the bridges many times a month to get to the airport after shooting in my Northern California studio.  This was one of those dashes over the Richmond San Rafael Bridge in the fog. Notice I am the only one on the bridge. Did I miss a traffic alert? It gets worse, I am also taking a photo!!! At least I wasn’t texting too.

© timm eubanks

14 thoughts on “Richmond San Rafael Bridge Sprint to Airport

    • But notice, I am by myself, no cars next to me! I am not going that fast just slow shutter speed makes the illusion. Besides it wasn’t my car, it was a rental!

  1. I haven’t the foggiest notion how you can create such dashing images as this one. This is one of the best non-alcoholic images I’ve seen you post. The movement just smooths out the edges. Just like wine. Sort of.

    • Thanks Tom. I like the term “dashing.” I got the puns but it all made sense! I like this image as well. I was so excited to have an empty Bay Area bridge and be able to shoot a few shots. Smooth…

  2. Man, I’d of been checkin’ the back seat the entire bridge trip for Rod Serling or worse, some Twilight Zone character — you know, the ones that showed up the last minute of the episode.

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