Kunde Family Estate Dog

I love dogs. This one is on the list of my favorites. The dog, Blue, belongs to Jamie, a member of the Kunde Family. Blue is about a year old and a true cattle herding dog  We were photographing at the top of the mountain, in the vineyards of Kunde Family Estate and Blue was along for the ride. We were set up and waiting for the golden light. The dog kept us all busy by nonstop fetching an oak tree stick. The stick started out about a foot long but after hours of the art director, digital tech, Jamie and myself throwing it and having it brought back to our feet, the stick ended being about an inch long. This shot was close to the end of the hours long game. We got the shots and were entertained as well by this cute canine! Thanks Jamie for bringing Blue and your four wheel drive climbing skills.

© timm eubanks

8 thoughts on “Kunde Family Estate Dog

  1. This is a gorgeous shot! Blue heelers are my favorite dogs – I met my first ones ( a mom and pup) at a local distillery and have had two dogs who were half heeler. You totally captured their intensity and focus.

    • Thanks Pamela. Yes, this dog was very focused. They told me that it herds cows with the same intensity. She also rode in my lap in the truck the whole way up the mountain and was so interested in everything in the vineyards and then would turn and look at me and go for the quick, “hey dude, face lick.” I think I may have found what my next dog will be. I have a 12 Year old son and think their energy would be perfect!

  2. The energy may be perfect, but they are so smart they need to have a job or be engaged all the time! Mine would follow me from room to room begging to be entertained or trying to herd me because he was bored. 🙂

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