Barrett Jackson Car Auction

My son and I went to the Barrett Jackson Car Auction in Orange County last weekend. Great time!  I brought my Holga, a cheap, plastic, toy camera that shoots 120 film. I had some strange looks when I would clunk the shutter and manually roll the film. Shooting expensive, vintage cars, high performance cars etc with this cheap camera was very fun.  One car magazine photographer shooting the event noticed what I was shooting with and he was stoked to see the plastic camera. This shot is one from the pile of rolls of film shot. More to come.

© timm eubanks

12 thoughts on “Barrett Jackson Car Auction

  1. Memories — the color was what my $150 Ford sported in the mid-70’s — while selling real estate. 🙂 Sometimes I miss that car cuz of the memories it triggers. Love the shot to death.

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