Son’s Birthday Party, Cake

Happy 13th to my son. He had some friends over to celebrate tonight. Movie, Video games, some Youtube laughs, BIG food and swimming in the pool.  Good summertime fun! We only had 3 candles in the drawer.  Here is the ridiculous ice cream cake from DQ.

© timm eubanks

17 thoughts on “Son’s Birthday Party, Cake

    • Thanks Pamela. Yes, our older Daughter was a little jealous of the cake and she is 25! It was so rich I thought we would be nursing at least one with a stomach ache. They all made it! Good stuff.

  1. There’s never anything ridiculous that includes ice cream. I’m sorry. There just isn’t. Happy birthday to my favorite nephew, who pricks my heart with his loving words of kindness every time I see him.

    • Yes, it was about as good as it gets. I will tell him your kind words. He just told the story of his loving words to his uncle Tom just a few days ago. His humor is blossoming. Kind of in a Steven Wright kind of way. Thanks Tom.

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