Delicato Wine shoot from way back

Looking through old film and came across this shot for Delicato Wines. I always loved the background on this one. Scanned from 4×5 transparency film.

© timm eubanks

6 thoughts on “Delicato Wine shoot from way back

    • It’s this stuff that was 4″x 5″ and it took up a lot of your day keeping refrigerated, loading into holders in the dark, slid into the back of a manual camera (with no meters, auto focus or any electronics whatsoever), shot, ran to the photo lab to test a few of these 4 x 5 sheets, waiting 4 hours, throw it on the light table, look at it and run some more through the lab, wait until the next morning, pick it up, throw it on a light table, breath because you got the shot, edit, sleeve it, put the back ups in storage, send the final to the client. This is why I get a smirk these days when a client thinks it takes to long for a 135MB image to load direct from the camera and on to the screen for approval. This description doesn’t even mention Polaroids pulled, another day! Thanks for the question Dave

  1. Funny, at first glance it appeared to be a bottle of wine on railroad tracks, but only for a second. The technique used, (whatever it was) brings the bottle into the spotlight big time. It’s surreal, but not at the same time.

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