Kunde Port

I love port. Dessert and port to be exact. This shot was done for Kunde Family Estates. When the food stylist, Joanna, brought the pears to the set, I knew my job was going to be made easier to make some beautiful shots. She is an awesome stylist! Warm up the lighting, get in close, shoot away.

© timm eubanks

5 thoughts on “Kunde Port

  1. Out-of-focus foreground works so well to enhance the product, doesn’t it? Really nice shot…as usual. Do you ever do anything badly? It’s getting awfully repetitious saying how great your work is. It’s like playing golf with someone who always hits it in the fairway. “Great shot” just wears thin after several holes. Oh, well. Your clients are very lucky to have a guy who can hit it in the fairway every time.

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