1962 VW interior

My 62 Bug interior. Tomato red. What I love about driving vintage VWs is the simplicity of the act. You actually “drive” this car. Clutch, gas and brake. The interior dashboard has Speedometer and a fuel gauge. That’s it! This car has one dealer option, a cigarette lighter. No air conditioning, beeps, warning lights, airbags. Safe? Not really. Fun? Absolutely! Interior is almost stock but for the modern radio. Changing it out to a 1962 correct radio is next on the list for the car. Photo taken with plastic Holga camera and Fuji Velvia Transparency film.

© timm eubanks

9 thoughts on “1962 VW interior

    • Thanks Amanda! Yes, I love the VW red interior with the Grey exterior. It is a great color combo and the original for this car. Nice to hear from a fellow photographer who appreciates the film / Holga experience. I can talk cameras with you and VWs with Eric. This is good!

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