1959 Single Cab VW

I have this passion (sickness) for Volkswagens. My daughter has the same illness but I didn’t think it had progressed as far as mine. When she bought this 1959 VW truck and drove it with a smile on her face, I knew she was afflicted. Here is a portrait of her sitting in it at an apple processing plant. This shot was taken a few years ago and she has since sold this and her 1966 Bug but I know she will be back at it because it is in the DNA.

© timm eubanks

8 thoughts on “1959 Single Cab VW

    • I know these are great. I loved pulling into Home Depot, drop down the side gate, load 8′ lumber and there was still a foot to spare. I actually had guys with full size pickups watch with amazement at how much room I had, the easy side loading and how much weight it could haul. Always had a comment from some guy scratching his head with his ball cap in hand.

  1. Thanks. The rims are original VW but not sure which year. These were on when she bought it. We had them chemically dip stripped and sand blasted and then had them powder coated.I liked the look and so did she of the body staying just like we found in the field except perfect rims with new safer tires.

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