Mustang at the Coronado Speed Fest

I spent the day enjoying and shooting at the Vintage Car Race at Coronado Island. Shot this Mustang that was still hot from the Trans Am race as it came to rest in the pit area. Great race, amazing vintage race cars. Shot on 120 film with Plastic Holga Camera.

© timm eubanks

4 thoughts on “Mustang at the Coronado Speed Fest

    • Thanks Am Writer! I did get weird looks when I was shooting with the plastic camera because I also had a Photographers Press Pass hanging from my neck. It is very clunky. Open camera back, hold unhinged back in one hand, camera in other, unwrap film, load film on spools, snap back on, turn film advance knob about 10 times. You are now ready to shoot. You get 12 shots per roll and do it all over again. All manual, film advance between each shot, no meter, guess exposure. This is why I love it! Random and more about seeing images than techie equipment. The plastic lens is not sharp but it has a great vintage quality.
      Did you ask for all of that? Thanks for listening!

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