Burning Toast for Halloween

I shot this vintage toaster burning toast on 4×5 Chrome Film about 20 years ago. So no Photoshop here. I wanted smoke and I kept getting black smoke so I called my friend Michael who I knew would have an answer. I knew because he had an early 60’s Buick that burned white smoke. He didn’t even hesitate, “transmission fluid.” So I poured a small amount of transmission fluid on the toast and burnt away. White smoke. I am sure it was good for my lungs, almost set off the sprinklers, ruined the toaster but I got the shot. I know better now that there are cleaner, simpler ways to make white smoke. I always felt like this shot looked evil even though it is just burning toast so this is my Halloween weekend post. Happy Halloween!


© timm eubanks




6 thoughts on “Burning Toast for Halloween

  1. Gotta be a Stephen King movie in there, as it eerily reminds me of Christine. The hellish red glow emanating from the evil toaster is chilling. It goes from family to family, each time bought as a vintage reminder of the next victim’s childhood.

    The music could be variations on the Godfather theme, rising in volume just before it strikes.

    Happy Halloween indeed. 🙂

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