Playing in High Tops

I have been having an ongoing conversation with a great photographer in the Los Angeles area about marketing, promotion and advertising in our profession.  He photographs people and is awesome at what he does. I mentioned that I don’t shoot enough personal work or just play with techniques as much as I used to. Well, I did today. I must have been feeling nostalgic. I found an old pair of my Converse High Tops that I just couldn’t throw away or donate. I haven’t worn them in years. I uncovered my 1962 VW in the garage and was only going to drive to the post office which is only a mile from my home. I ended up cruising down the coast with the top open for miles. Stopped at Swamis Beach and admired the ocean. I must have needed it. When I got home, I shot this image. Not ground breaking or difficult but it fit the day perfectly. I played a little today! It is now Midnight exactly and I am getting so much work done. Sometimes we accomplish more when we  pause and play.

© timm eubanks

13 thoughts on “Playing in High Tops

    • Yes, Bowling Balls! For those who are thinking, “bowling balls?” I shot a series years ago of a bowling ball. I traveled with this bowling ball and photographed it in many locations, just for fun. It turned out to be one of my most successful promotional campaigns. Yes, Tom, you are right. Bring on the bowling balls!

  1. My first pair of Converse shoes were under $10 and Mom screamed like a banshee. I wore ’em till they flopped.

    Play? Yesterday I went, unplanned, to a conference in Coronado, held at the Del. Had lunch with an internet brainiac, sitting in the sun, till the sun put on its gorgeous daily show. An inadvertent recharge.

    Bought the guy lunch. Both of us gotta a burger w/fries/soda. $37! Sunset made it worthwhile.

    • It’s with my iPhone, an App and Photoshop. It’s easier to be “hip” than shoot clean commercial product shots now. Think my clients would allow me to walk around with my iPhone and act like that ass Ashton snapping photos of everything and billing them? Think not!

  2. The only reason people say things like, “What’s important is family”, or “If you have your health, you have everything”, is because they don’t have what is really important; … money.

    • That is funny! But in my world the “do what you love and the money will follow”, really applies. Who wants to work with a photographer that hates his / her work? But yes, money does make life easier even if it is so you can spend more time with family. Gotcha!

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