AntiSmoking Campaign

This photo is from a series of shots done for a teen anti smoking campaign in 2002. Shot in studio.  This model was very patient and really was a good actor for his age. He isn’t actually smoking anything in this shot. This was a fun shoot, thanks to the agency / Art Direction, client, models and crew.


© timm eubanks




11 thoughts on “AntiSmoking Campaign

    • Introducing the Art Director, Kathleen, of Nelson Sobel Design… Yes, it was fun. I remember Sara blowing steam (smoke) through a tube into the set and the frenzy of getting the smoke shot. Yes, we do need to shoot more fun jobs. We have a shot a lot of jobs together. I think I may dig deep into the archives for some Sonoma Style shots! They were all on 120 film so the scanner will be used again. Thanks for the years of fun shoots! Happy Holidays and Happy (fun shoot) New Year.

    • The smoke was shot separately made with a smoke machine and blown through a tube to control it as much as possible. Then it was obviously manipulated to look like a hand. The first round, the hand was really scary but for the final image it was toned down a bit. Thanks Tom

    • Thank you Larry! For those who don’t know, Larry was the first Art Director to give me a break into Commercial Photo work over 25 years ago. We shot all kinds of products over the years and it was what made me realize that even shooting Gas pump hoses and nozzles was fun. You still have to build the set, light it and make it look beautiful. We shot for clients that made Man Hole Covers, Gas pump parts, closet organizers, paint and other everyday products and had a good time! Thanks Larry for the beginning of my career.

  1. I still remember having to teach a room full of kids how to hold a cigarette. They were so nice, none of them had even pretended to smoke cigarettes.

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