Vintage Racing

Playing with cameras on my days off makes my day job, shooting with cameras, so much more enjoyable. Makes sense to me.  25 plus years ago I began shooting photos for fun at races. The concept that I could wait tables at night and go shoot races on weekends was a perfect plan.  I then started shooting for a racing magazine and found that I was enjoying it as much because I couldn’t enjoy the race looking through the lens all day long. Now I am a full-time commercial photographer shooting but I do love to shoot racing or auto events on the weekends when I can. I never sell the images. I print them for my self or as gifts to friends. I am asked why I don’t sell these images all the time. I think I figured it out today when looking through some racing shots from this last year. If I sold them they would be part of my work instead of my weekend fun. Someday I might go through my archives of racing from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s up to now and sell them but not yet, I am having too much fun!

Image shot with plastic Holga Camera on 120 Fuji Velvia Chrome film at the 2010 Coronado Speedfest.

© timm eubanks

7 thoughts on “Vintage Racing

    • I think I made it sound like I don’t have fun shooting at my day job. I DO have fun at my studio with clients and lighting anything can be fun for me. Having the freedom to not follow any comp while shooting on my own is very relaxing.

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