Bowling Ball in Dune

Those who have seen my work for 20 years will know this image. This is another image from WAY back. Shot this with the 4×5 camera on the Bodega Dunes on the Sonoma County Coast.  I remember my assistant having to crawl up the backside of the dune to not make any marks. Yes, this was before Photoshop. I had this bowling ball specially made without any markings. I did have it drilled to fit my hand so I could use it after my “bowling ball” series.

© timm eubanks

15 thoughts on “Bowling Ball in Dune

    • Thank you! It’s fun. Even after thousands of shoots it is Amazing how you can remember details from the day when you were shooting that many years ago. The ranger hassled us as well because we were told we didn’t need a permit but we did. There was a portrait guy shooting a whole group near us but he was ok not having a permit.

      • It’s CrAzY how people freak out when they see a camera. Even as just a point-and-shooter I’m surprised I haven’t been arrested yet. It seems like there’s plenty of other ‘stuff’ people should be a whole lot more concerned about.

    • Yes, it was funny cause the reason given was that we would hurt the environment of the Dunes setting the bowling ball there. BUT if I wanted to pay $125 I could have a permit to do it, Huh? The portrait photog had a whole family running around on the dunes tearing them up but that was ok. HHHmmmm?

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