1966 Big Block Cobra @ Coronado Speedfestival

Here is another shot from the Coronado Vintage Car Races. The driver is listed as Greg Johnson of Irvine, California. Note front rubber not even making contact. Showing off horsepower!

© timm eubanks

12 thoughts on “1966 Big Block Cobra @ Coronado Speedfestival

    • Ha! Thanks! Before I became a product shooter, I started my photography career as a racing photographer over 25 years ago at the tracks. It’s a good break from shooting still life in the studio.

  1. Fantastic photo of a fabulous …and famous …car!

    This is an original 1966 427 Cobra, chassis no. CSX3243. It was the star car in the 1976 comedy “The Gumball Rally” which sparked so much Cobra fever for so many people …including me.

    This car has been in storage for the last 35 years, but it’s terrific to see its new owner bring it out of hiding.

  2. Hi Timm,

    Hope this finds you well. Great shot! My buddy used to have one of those and it was hoot taking a ride in it. 2 weeks ago I was driving home and followed 13 Bugatti Veyrons through Graton. NO camera in the truck. The meats on these babies were awesome. Just the sound of them was amazing. Fun stuff.
    Good luck and stay well….Alan

    • Hey Alan, Thanks for your comments! I bet it was a thrill to ride in that Cobra. These were coming out of this corner at breakneck speed and loud. Perfect! 13 Bugatti Veyrons through Graton, Ca? Holy #$%@ I have seen a few solo ones but that many in one place and in Graton makes it even better. That’s over $30 Million Dollars worth of cars cruising on the road. Doing well and hope all is well with you and your family.

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