GT 350, I think he fixed it!

This series of shots was taken in chronological order at the  2011 Coronado Speed Festival Vintage Races. As I was shooting I over heard another racer talking to his friend, both had their collars popped up by the way, saying that #15 should just give up and put it on the trailer. Well I guess he proved them wrong. He finished ahead of the racer that made the comment. Love that! This is Vintage Racing.

© timm eubanks


8 thoughts on “GT 350, I think he fixed it!

    • Yes, it did put a smile on my face. I was shooting trackside and realized that the GT350 was ahead of the guys that had been mocking him for being so persistent. Thanks!

  1. Timm, thank you for the great photos and story. I’ll add some info for you also. The gentleman, Russ, “sleeping” under the Mustang with wrench in hand, lost his Nascar engine while giving rides to the soldiers on Friday morning and never did get to race over the weekend. But he stayed nonetheless and was a huge reason why #15 made it to the grid on Sunday!!!!


    • Thanks! Great addition to the story from the inside! I don’t know Russ but he sounds like the guy you want on your side. Excellent! If you give me your mailing address, I would will send you a print of this series of images if you are interested. Best, Timm

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