Before the swell

January 3, 2012, 76 degrees and sunny. Drove my 1962 VW Beetle into the parking lot at Beacons Beach, which was quite full for a Tuesday morning. After answering the same questions about what year was my VW and listening to how many VWs they had owned from the others that were there to check out the surf, I stepped to the edge of the cliff. There had been a high surf warning alert on Radio and TV but it hadn’t arrived. Hours after I shot this photo the surf ramped up to about 8 foot.  I love the ocean! Beacons, Encinitas Ca.

13 thoughts on “Before the swell

  1. Ah man, I’m seriously into this shot! How easy it is to imagine your VW standing just out of shot, idling along…

    Oh yes, and I had myself one many years ago, a bright yellow one. Loved that car.

    • Thanks! Yes, I am standing right in front of it. So many people have a VW story. I have heard some amazing ones and some that I wanted to cover my ears and sing LA LA LA! Like when the 80 something year old woman told me the story of how she used to use the back seat… way back when. I won’t go into detail.

    • Yep! You need to get your Butt down here so we can get in the water like old times! Summertime, plan? Went down today too. Surf report said 12-15 ft but it was more like 8 with a few 10. Just stood like old times with the crowd in the parking lot enjoying the show.

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