From the 80’s Racing Archives

I shot this years ago when working for the VW and Off Road Magazines. This was shot circa 1980 at the Mint 400 Race outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.  This is the class that wasn’t the fastest on the course but that beat you to death. Class 11 is pretty much a stock Volkswagen with the only modifications being safety, reinforcement and ground clearance.  I remember my friend Loren raced this class and he told stories of pushing the car through silt more than driving it. The Mint 400 was a great race. Four laps of 100 miles each through the desert. Best part was always pushing the cars through tech inspection down Fremont Street in Vegas the day before the race. Always a party! Photo Nerd info: Nikon F3 High eye point camera, probably 50mm lens, Kodak Tri X Film, I was sporting a ridiculously thin mustache.

© timm eubanks


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